Peter brought invaluable perspective to my thinking.  He instinctually identifies the root of issues and strong leading.  He opened communication, problem-solving, and performance for me, peers and staff.  I wish more people could experience his mind and heart.  Time with Peter is mentorship.”  

Maj. Rick Lancelot Hueston, (U.S. Army, ret’d.)
(Currently) GG15 Senior Manager, U.S. Department of Defense 


“Peter Wolf teaches something than can connect you not only to the vast inner world that is your birthplace; but also to an inner world even vaster, it’s circumference unknown, that is your true birthright.”

David Field, Writer


Peter Wolf enhanced crucial, subtle perceptions, awareness and competencies.  He enhanced my understanding of detail and system dynamics, strengthened interpersonal skills for team performance, and made me see with fresh perspectives.

As a flight instructor, I used Peter’s training extensively. There’s more than getting instructions across to another pilot.  His level of receiving and understanding, of interpreting, reacting or intending to act must be constantly anticipated and tracked.  I had to rapidly evaluate when to allow self-learning, drop a hint, or engage his problem.  My function must go beyond hearing voice nuance, or sensing how he’ll move his jet.  Perception and decision-making in this extreme high-pressure environment can rapidly save or lose a life.  Working with Peter translates to where you need it.”

Lt. Col. Jon R. Boyd, USAF                                                                                                               Commander, 357th Fighter Squadron


Awarenesss is the difference between business-as-usual or excellence.  Peter opened my perception.  As a leader, I have learned with him to observe situations penetratingly, generating engagement, collaboration and execution in a whole new way.

I have also received a precious side benefit.  I now notice ways that I had “crashed” through the day, which now creates new, better ways to engage others, and also to adapt and move with the flow.  Work with Peter.  You’ll become more effective, and love it!

Luann Sewell Waters                                                                                                                                 Director of Education,  Oklahoma State Dept. of Conservation


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