How We Do This

Impressive Results Reflect You.

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The workplace changes fast.  The most potent solutions come from being capably met where you are.  That takes experience, intuition and an executive coaching methodology designed specifically for you. Boiler plate programs and mediocre coaching can’t cut it anymore.

It Is Human Nature To Have Blind Spots.  

Do you know how to touch a deer?  You have to put yourself outside of the habitual directions where it looks.  In the woods, deer rarely look up.  Neither do people.  This is fact, but it is also a metaphor for us.  You may be surprised how your next, most powerful solution is closer than you think.  We just have to get to it.  Here’s how:


  1. ASSESS:  First we listen to you, to assess the challenge. If someone falls short to “get” who you are with your unique talents, and the particular challenges facing you, you won’t get satisfaction.  We may use a remarkably effective 15 minute assessment tool, which does not “type” you or jam you into “categories.”
  2. DESIGN:  We custom design the most effective solution to reach your goals.  It must directly address who you are, how you think, your particular action style, and what you need to attain.  You won’t be “fit into” a program.  The components must aim directly at what you need now, and moving forward.
  3.  IMPLEMENT:   Here is where science and artform comes in.  It happens three ways:          

a)  Coaching:  

Effective coaching opens needed insight.  This practice is not limited to what is taught in many life-coaching-turned- “executive” programs.  It means perceptively listening from a matured track record balance of successful organization, entrepreneurship  and consultant’s experience, and decades of disciplines including the awareness of an expert wilderness tracker.  The balance includes observing and sensing what you say, or don’t, and how you search to provide the feedback you need to help you move through blind spots.  It means using well-honed intuition and experience that comes from paying attention in ways that “make the invisible visible”.   When we experience being “met” on multiple levels with a capable laser focus, we find that obstacles and limitations that we were (or were not) aware of can be surmounted, capably worked with or evaporated.  Your next insights and actions become remarkably vivid and effective.

b)   A specifically designed, proprietary three-step methodology may address particular subjects that challenge you, applying to your needs.   At the same time, aspects of expertise that you bring to your challenges, which currently you may not see, sense or hear just around the corner, becomes more clearly applicable.  We mobilize your hidden strengths into awareness and action.

c)  Fearless Consultation.  You’ll be working with someone fortunate to have been mentored through a lifetime, in balance through the phases of both career, and personal life.  Someone who has met odds and succeeded in the corporate and entrepreneurial workplace to be of use to you.  But also someone who in addition has survived and transformed challenges in life, which, if you live, put you back in the community with a mission bigger than self:  This mission is to help you access your distinctively impactful creative spark, and succeed regardless of real or perceived odds.

You’ll have a neutral, strong sounding board, a thought partner and solid presence who, while kind of heart, does not shrink from observations, intuitive direction and clear communication.  Thus, you can have solid insight and feedback, which you might dare to ask for to surpass your toughest challenges.  This means business.  But it has to benefit you personally too – because you are a person!

If we are going to work together, expect remarkable insight in every session. Our work should be of sufficient value to you, that it is worth five or more times the fee.  Receiving genuine insight does more than make us better…it also aims us into further excellence and growth.  It needs to continually inspire and strengthen your mission, and grow in how you get there.
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