The Right Coach

You Can Develop Laser Vision, if You Have the Right Coach

A medical professional develops insight with coach, Peter Andrew Wolf, in Europe
A medical professional develops insight with coach, Peter Andrew Wolf (left), in Europe

If you’re an accomplished or aspiring Senior Leader, you may be so far ahead of the pack that it is hard to find a coach who can hold the depth and breadth of focus you need.

We Coach Through the Eye of the Tracker

To a coach who has the professional awareness and penetrating observation skills of an indigenous tracker, a whole world is perceived in a single footprint. Imagine one-to-one conversations, and cues from your surroundings, revealing information and direction that many just don’t notice.  We can coach you to perceive more than you thought possible.

THE Right Coach Can Spark Your Ability to Get Practical, Strategic Insights From Your Environment.

If you have already tried an ordinary life coach or executive coach, you know that depth is easily talked, but not walked. Dynamic insight comes from accessing strategic and personal experience, plus one’s developed psychological and creative style.  It comes from the ability to coach our own internal system: to gain some mastery in a way that we can use our intellect, body and spirit like an instrument for purpose.

Not everyone is ready to step up to this level to earn the right to lead, and, sit more fully within their personal authority.  Those who do, recognize that their leadership is magnetic by example; “influencing” others becomes less necessary.  Engagement increases. An astute coach balances the science and art. The right coach can get you there. How badly do you want potent insight for your leadership in the workplace, and, for it to translate into your own personal quality of life?

Local, national and international clientele.  Coaching sessions are conducted in person, by live video or telephone.

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