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Peter Andrew Wolf Consulting and Wolf Leadership Institute

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Working with Peter Andrew Wolf is unlike working with any other consultant, executive coach or life coach.  He brings a unique background and set of experiences for results.  Peter has  coached and consulted, facilitated and trained health care, tech and other C-Level executives, military officers, Special Forces, and service professionals among others.  And with a background as an expert indigenous-skilled wilderness tracker, he combines extraordinarily honed perception and strategic skills: to help leaders become acutely aware of their unseen strengths, weaknesses… and how to get even better results for a high-performance culture.  But beyond that, his clients reawaken and deepen their own spark of creativity, bringing a new sense of adventure into their work and back into their lives.  They learn to see through blind spots, hear solutions around the corner, and sense the next best move.

Peter uses acutely developed senses of listening and intuition, helping leaders develop illuminating insight and awareness: so you can work more focused, feel more grounded, and experience peak effectiveness.

What about satisfaction?  A person who walks his or her path with strong direction and elegance may experience the extraordinary in the “ordinary.”  Peter’s work is informed by 30 years of corporate and entrepreneurial business, degrees in Counseling/Psychology and graduate Psychology.  Having trained, advised and counseled professionals in perception and awareness as a professional master wilderness tracker, this is a seamless blend with being a results-driven Advisor and Certified Executive Coach.  His blend uses empathic intuition with his proprietary three-step programs for the specific challenges that executives and business owners face. Peter’s approach is “no fluff”:  with a balanced consideration and directness, deep intuition and listening, of in right and left brain action geared for results.

Peter brings an understanding formed from degrees including graduate Psychology a life of benefitting from mentorships, and triumphing through business challenges.  But also from surviving and transforming personal challenges in two separate decades, from which, if one lives, you return with a gift of being able to meet people as who and where they are no matter what… with a presence to help them to navigate optimal solutions and a more fulfilling life.

If you are a Senior Leader, Business Owner or Professional who is open to new ways of enhancing your impact and your organization, and wants to grow, Peter will help you to:

  • Perceive more clearly and systemically, and communicate your vision with more clarity and potency
  • Become more grounded and effective amidst challenges as a practice of self-mastery
  • Foster engagement to leverage your time more advantageously and contentedly

And most of all, he sparks fulfillment with creative, growing self-efficacy and a new sense of adventure in your leadership.  And it may enrich the whole you.

Meanwhile, Peter’s professional life has been complemented by several long-term disciplines and pleasures, including lifetime martial arts, a 40-year mindfulness/meditation practice, and initiation and training under North and South American indigenous healers. He is a gallery-represented ceramic artist, and a scuba/freediver on the Northern California coast. He lives with his wife Andrea in the Sonoma County wine country.

To get a conversation started,  contact Peter at 707) 829-0776  or  peter@wolfleadershipinstitute.com