Advising and Coaching Solutions, Unique to You.

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Get dynamic, creative and mindful Advising solutions for challenges. Generate powerful results that stimulate high performance for your mission and your bottom line.  Authentic outcomes are those which support your professional expertise, and personal fulfillment – with satisfaction that honors how you are exceptional.  This balance is sorely missing in the workplace.  You can have this experience.

“To lead and engage others to create, you have to see Peter has taught me to see in a whole new way.”                         Kathryn Armstrong, University Professor


  • Unleash insight and creativity: so you can stay strategic and execute your vision, eliminate distraction, and stop babysitting team members.

  • Spark perceptive awareness:  to “see through the dark” for surpassing limitations, to get clear direction in your new or existing role, minimize politics and feel more satisfied with achieving your goals.

  • Communicate with impact: to inspire more trusting engagement, bolster confidence in self and others, and build a better culture.


Strategic plans all too often sound good as an exercise, and look good on paper, but doesn’t accurately enough represent what is needed.  And, then implementation falls short as you and the environment change.  We are in the business of bespoke strategy – for who you are and what you need – so that through the year you can navigate and get where you need to go.

Contact: Peter Andrew Wolf, M.A., C.E.C.

707-829-0776    peter@wolfleadershipinstitute.com